How You Behave Linked To The Day You Were Born…Check It Out

Do you know the meaning of the day on which you were born?

Those of you who don’t know should get ready to be educated and surprised because how you behave can be linked to the day you were born.

According to our elders, if you were born on Monday (Kojo, Adjoa), Tuesday (Kwabena, Abena), Wednesday (Kweku, Akua), Thursday (Yaw, Yaa), Friday (Kofi, Afua), Saturday (Kwame, Ama), or Sunday (Kwesi, Akosua); depending on the tribe you are coming from, there is a spiritual connection between the day you were born and how you behave.

A very popular Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Kofi Agyekum says those born on Sunday are swift and wants everything to be done immediately, while those born on Monday are quiet and humble…etc

He extensively explained this further in his article “The Sociolinguistic of Akan Personal Names”.

Click the audio to listen to how Opanyin Agyekum explained this phenomenon for the various days of the week.

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