Tema To Celebrate Kpelejoo Festival

Kpelejoo, the Ga ritual dance festival which ushers in the period of sowing, would be celebrated on April 4 in Tema, the Tema Traditional Council (TTC) has announced.

Two Chief Wulomei of Tema met with clan heads, priests and elders of the Tema Traditional Council (TTC) on Tuesday and performed rituals to seek the consent of the gods and ancestral spirits of the area to set the date for the festival at a ceremony known as Kpelegbitoo.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Nii Shipi Somponu, member of the TTC, said the festival ushers in the sowing period as Homowo precedes the reaping period.

Nii Somponu said the climax of the festival would be on April 5, and that, on April 6, all residents would stay indoors after 20:00 hours, for the two chief Wulomei to perform rituals for the commencement of the ban on noise making, which begins on April 18, in Tema, and would be lifted after three weeks.

He said the ban placed on the Sakumo lagoon, since October 2013, would be lifted on Saturday and advised all families to desist from laying dead bodies in state and rather send their corpses from the morgue straight to the cemetery for burial.

Nii Somponu said to strengthen the peaceful coexistence with the Christian community, the TTC has written officially to all churches within their jurisdiction to conform to the laid down rules and regulations for the whole period.

Mr. Daniel Titus Glover, Member of Parliament for Tema East, presented an undisclosed amount of money to the planning committee and promised to provide a nurse’s quarters for the clinic in Tema Manheam.