Kwesi Pratt Lauds Energy Minister; Describes Him As Hardworking

The Minister for Energy and Petroleum, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, has recently come under severe verbal attack for his ‘inability’ to fix the energy problems bedeviling the country.

The Executive Director of IMANI Center for Policy & Education, Franklin Cudjoe called for his resignation on grounds of non-performance. According to him, the Energy Minster has failed to fix the country’s energy crisis since he was elected into office.

“He [Energy Minister] has failed to proffer any serious vision or futuristic solution to the energy crisis. Look at his demeanor, look at the public statement, none of them since this man was made a minister have been made in a manner that would give some hope to the business community or the ordinary people, to be able to plan…,’’ he said.

On another platform, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe again slighted the Energy Minister, indicating that he could best put his experience to use as a Postmaster; in transforming the abysmal postal system in the country.

But speaking to the issue of the tirade against Hon Armah-Buah, the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper described the statement as ‘unfair’.

“I was sad when I read that story. I think it is a most unfair commentary concerning him, because if you are looking for one of the hardworking ministers in this country, he is one of them. He is doing well…,” the seasoned journalist said of the Energy Minister.