Ghana Is Part Of The Uncivilized Countries In The World

Former Member of Parliament for Asokwa constituency, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, has jabbed the nation’s political figures over their inability to advance the country’s democracy.

He claimed that, even in 21st Century, Ghanaians still remain “uncivilized.”

Speaking in relation to the Affordable Housing Project at Borteyman in the Greater Accra Region, which the current administration has handed over to the Social Security and National Investment Trust (SSNIT) for completion, the former NPP MP chided the nation’s leadership for politicizing issues pertaining to national development.

According to him, Ghanaians are often tempted to think that they are civilized but a closer look indicates otherwise. He explained that the country’s leaders and political figures seek equalization whenever national issues are broached.

“…instead of our leaders seeking the interest of the citizenry, they tend to think about themselves…about 99.9percent of our leaders get into politics for personal gains…over the years, the country’s politics seemed to have turned into a survival of fittest where successive governments want to only show off and score political points,” he said.

Kofi Jumah argued that successive governments tend to downplay the achievements of their predecessors and as a result do not appreciate what their predecessors came to do whilst in power.

This, he explained, is a clear case of the Mahama-led government’s failure to solve the housing deficits in the nation.

Though the government has awarded a contract to the Social and Security Insurance Trust (SSNIT) to complete five out of six of its affordable housing projects, Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah insists that the project is just a mirage and stated emphatically that the government is not committed to completing the project.

“If you are in Ghana and don’t get the opportunity to interact with different people, you might be tempted to think that you are very civilized staying here. But frankly speaking, in politics, Ghana is so much uncivilized. We’re not civilized at all…We are part of the uncivilized countries in the world,” he stated.