NPP Must Abandon It’s “Myopic” Ways And Join Us Punish The NDC – PPP

For some time now, Ghana has been saddled with strenuous economic issues which have generated several political debates.

However, it appears some opposition parties have deliberately turned a blind eye to the sad development and it is for this reason that the Progressive People’s Party feels it is about time to turn the real heat on government.

In an interaction with the media at the party’s headquarters, Madam Mary Boakye- Boateng, descended heavily on the New Patriotic Party describing their attitude in recent times as “myopic”.

According to her, lately, the NPP has put national issues out of their radar and placed all their focus on who best qualifies to lead the party and take up other leadership roles. Although the PPP scribe didn’t kick against the NPP’s decision to elect new leaders, she was downhearted that the various opposition parties have created the room for an “incompetent” administration like the NDC to have a leeway.

“Look at what is going on in this country… there is corruption everywhere and the energy crisis is getting worse. Quite recently, the motorway issue has come up and they (NPP) are BUSILY here talking about who should be chairman of the party.

They are also engaged in division and factionalism and this is bad. The onus now lies upon all opposition parties to rigorously punch the NDC government and expose their incompetence,” she said.

As far as the PPP is concerned, Madam Mary Boakye-Boateng assured Ghanaians, that her party would never abandon their role as an effective opposition party and would continue to scrutinize the work of the NDC government.

“PPP is the only party that is credible, aggressive and can bring sustainable development to all Ghanaians. Whilst others have gone to sleep and are waiting to join in when the campaign season resumes, the PPP is forever wild awake to offer deep and sound policies to the Ghanaian voter”, she assured.