Coach Keshi Approves Wives, Says NO To Girlfriends

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has given the green light to married Super Eagles players to take their wives to the World Cup but has ruled out girlfriends for the Brazil tournament in June.

The ex-international defender Keshi ruled out single players going to the tournament in June with their girlfriends insisting there is no room for them during the competition.

The clamour has been growing for Nigeria to approve for its players to send their WAGs – ‘Wives and Girlfriends’ – the the competition because of the long drawn-out nature of the event.

However, Keshi said that WAGs are good for the players but would not tolerate girlfriends in Brazil.

‘’In any civilized country, WAGs are always allowed to accompany their husbands to the World Cup. In 9994, Westerhof allowed us go with our wives,” Keshi said at the Tom Tom roundtable.

“Married men in the Eagles can go with their wives but there will be no room for girlfriends,” he said as many single girls in the audience protested mildly.

The Super Eagles coach’s approval of wives for the tournament could have a trickle-down effect on Ghana as players of the Black Stars could also be forced to ask for such privileges.

It is not known if coach Kwesi Appiah would approve Black Stars wives for Brazil let alone girlfriends.