Airtel Gains New Subscribers In Latest NCA Report

In the latest subscription report for January 2014 released by the National Communications Authority, Telecommunications giant Airtel Ghana gained 113,148 new mobile subscribers and 48,499 new data subscribers to grow its total market share to 12.35% and 15.83% respectively.

Commenting on the latest figures released, head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs at Airtel Ghana Donald Gwira said, “We are pleased with our growth over the last couple of months. Since November 2013 we have seen an increase in our subscribers growing from 3,333,126 to 3,508,411 in January 2014 registering an increase of 175,285 new subscribers.

Our data subscribers have also grown from 1,910,479 to 1,963,799 registering an increase of 53,320 for the same period. This growth is a reflection of the confidence subscribers are having in the telephony and data services of Airtel.”Mr. Gwira went on to say that Airtel is committed to providing its customers with the best customer experience any network can offer.

“The team at Airtel goes to great lengths to ensure that its network is constantly up and running so that customers can enjoy value for their money. Airtel will continue to invest in the network for it to become the service provider of choice”. He added.