6 Ways to Make Him Always Love You


Love will be faded out if you and your boyfriend do not know how to respect each other. Thus, you should refresh and spice up your love. Here are 6 ways to make him always love you.

1. Let him have his own space

Despite loving you, men always love their own space. A man does not love or starts dodging a woman when realizing that she asks for his private time a lot. Men love freedom and it’s important for you to understand how much freedom he needs. A man who can feel his freedom will always love you and give back to you that kind of freedom. Thus, do not force him to do what you want because men don’t like that.

2. Show your love as much as possible

Despite the elegant look, men are often not safe! And they often have special needs to hear that you love them. Hence, please show your love at every possible chance. Sometimes, it can be as simple as just saying “I love you.” This can make a huge difference for your love and for his trust to you.

3. Do not hesitate to express closeness

Sometimes, just a light touch can dispel any bad feelings and help you heal your relationship after a serious controversy. Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity, please hold his hand and give him a warm hug. A kiss could heal pain better than you expect especially when he’s silent and in the sulks.

4. Put an effort to understand him

This is quite important in every relationship, especially in the case that a matured man feels to be misunderstood or not confident about other people’s attitudes towards him. Let him see that you really want to understand him. Share with him his fears, dreams and memories. Men always love someone who could understand their thinking.

5. Be straightforward

Lots of women push their men into a dead end with the hope that he will understand them. However, this only makes the matter become more complicated. If you want him to always love you, be different and straightforward. Men love the straightforwardness and do not like “beat around the bush”. Most of his friends are very frank with one another. Thus, be straightforward to him instead of forcing him to watch out what you are thinking.

6. Praise him

Men have big egos. Nothing makes them feel greater than the compliment from women they love. However, to gain his trust and respect, you should give him the sincere praise. Even if you see that the compliment you makes is deserved for him, please repeat it. It’s a way to remind you that you still always love him