Your Profession And Your Heaven Going (Actors & Actresses)—Part 1

“Every profession is a profession so far as it brings money home to cater for the family” Housewife. We now live in a desperate times and generation in which considering the above statement what is good in society is no more patronized but we have given way for evil take the place of good. Indeed, in respect of the current economic situation in our country a house wife will feel good and satisfied with the profession of the husband as long as the work the husband does is able to provide for the basic needs of the family.

In fact, the way things are happening around the globe confirms that the world has indeed come to an end. This is because the men of today are filled with evil in the heart and wicked minds. This is indeed fulfilling scriptures as the Holy Bible has foretold that “in the last days men will be lovers of money and of themselves” what do we see today? Has anything changed from what the bible had already said? This should remind all of us that our soon coming king will appear in his glory and what will be your faith.

The inspiration behind this write – up is a question that I have always asked myself and colleagues so long as we remain believers and servants of Christ. The question is “If God should take into consideration the profession one does before entry into Heaven. How would you feel with yours” so many things are happening with respect to the professions we engage in to survive. Sometimes, I asked myself which profession is perfect in God’s eye.

I have been considering the profession of acting in Ghana. I want to ask that, is it always true that what we see them do is “camera beat” hmmm!!!! Let’s end it here. The entertainment industry now has been polluted with profanity and immoral scenes. Most of our movies we watch on our television sets have turned sexual acts. The movie industry has lost focus and direction. Actors and actresses are seen as stars and therefore, some behave and dress in a certain way just to impress their fans that sit back and watch them on TV screens.

The Bible says that “whatever that you do, work at it with all your heart as if you are working for the Lord, and not Human beings” (Col. 3 vs. 23). Are you working to please God or the people who adore, praise and see you as a star? Can we impress God on the day of Accountability just on the premise that we are movie stars or celebrities? And we did what we did on the screen because it’s our professional role and some of the scenes too are “camera beat”. My dear ones in the entertainment industry here in Ghana and outside, Do not be deceived by the perilous lips of the wicked ones you see as directors or promoters: for God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap (Gal 6 vs. 6-7).

They always pamper your status by giving titles, ranks and awards to make you stick in the industry. Your industry has now been engulfed by the devil and his compatriots in using your noble profession and institution to win souls to his eternal dungeon of torment and gnashing of teeth. Have you considered why everybody wants to be a star and win the favour and privileges that accompanies it? The devil has influenced and continues to do so because he has strong messengers and sugar-coated messages we all love to hear and see, which is so enigmatic, yet we think that can help us live life more comfortable and stress-free.

My question now is “where is your profession leading you to?” The Bible admonishes us that if you think your right hand will lead you to sin, its better you cut it off. For it is better for a man to go into heaven with one hand or leg than have all and go into destruction (HELL FIRE). In the same manner it is better to go into HEAVEN without a profession than you being a movie celebrant (gaining all the fame) and perishing in Hellfire.

Movie stars in this 21st century are ravenous for wealth, fame and mouth-watering opportunities in that, they accept all roles whether good or bad. I am not a judge and who made a judge over celebrities (Luke 12 vs 14), but only cautioning all according to what the Bible has said and would happen in this end time.

Dear movie star/celebrity lay up for yourselves your fame, riches, career in Heaven where moth nor rust destroys not (Matt 6 vs 19), Heaven and Hell is very real, so I entreat all to check their professional status and check which ticket they have booked for. You might be a good person but remember your profession can land you in HELL FIRE. Go for your choice and a better option (HEAVEN/HELL)

Collins Akuamoah Boateng
Coordinator, Youth for Voluntary Service International

c/o Box 185
Sunyani, Brong Ahafo
Ghana – W/A
Tel: 233541698634, 233261313567
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