Prez Mahama Is Number One Propagandist When It Comes To Energy Sector

President John Dramani Mahama attempt to assuage the misery of Ghanaians in the wake of another nationwide load-shedding exercise, has incurred the wrath of an aspiring New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Youth Organizer.

Richard Nyamah says the president has stooped low and disappointed Ghanaians by taking on the job of speaking for energy providers in the country.

President John Mahama, a couple of weeks ago, asked Ghanaians to keep calm over the current energy crisis since the situation is temporary. The President expressed optimistism that the country “will have a more reliable power system after this phase”.

Giving another reason for the cause of power rationing, President Mahama revealed that “the TAPCO [Takoradi Power Company] plant is facing some mechanical failures. One of its rotor blades broke off and destroyed the engine and so VRA has ordered the parts to fix it. And so that has taken 145 megawatts out of our generation”.

But Richard Nyamah has labeled the president the country’s number one propagandist when it comes to issues bordering on energy. He considers it an embarrassment seeing President Mahama always responding to the energy crisis in spite of the fact that there are communication officers assigned to do that job for the various energy providers.

“…now President Mahama is the number one propagandist when it comes to the energy sector. GRIDCo has their PRO, VRA has their PRO and ECG has theirs but how come the President has been responding to the energy crisis? Has he been given that job? You see how he has been embarrassing himself?” he said on Okay Fm’s Ghana Decides program.

He accused President Mahama of lying to Ghanaians since his repeated assurances that the energy crisis will end by 2012 has not been kept.

“….2012 in October, November and December, the President promised that the energy crisis will be a thing of the past in 23rd April but he is still singing to us the same song two years on….he should stop talking; it is too much because there are PROs for the stakeholders responsible for the energy sector. Whatever explanation there is in the energy sector, once the President chooses to come out and do the communication, the blame will be laid at his doorstep”, he asserted.