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Kwabena Agyepong Inspires NPP: ‘Together, We Shall Rise Again, Let’s Think Victory!’


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I thank you very much for honouring my invitation. The Kwabena 4 GS campaign is extremely grateful for the enormous support you have given us, by disseminating up to date information on progress of the campaign trail.

It has been a humbling experience for us in the last two and half months, during which we embarked on our “Redemption Mission”. Travelling from Daboya in East Gonja, Wechau in the Upper West Region and Pusiga in the Upper East and Bunkpurugu Yunyoo in the Northern Region Kajeji in Sene East, in Brong Ahafo, Kpassa in Nkwanta North of Volta, Enchi in Western Region, Jukwa in Central, Manso Adubia in Ashanti, Donkorkrom in the Afram Plains in Eastern, and Ngleshie Amanfrom in Greater Accra.

In fact, we have travelled to 272 Constituencies, out of the 275, (excepting Krowor, Okai Koi South and Obom Domeabra) in our door-to-door campaign approach, where we have met dedicated Party Officers, Youth Groups, Volunteers and Elders of the Party across the country. We have had the opportunity to meet two former members of the Council of State, under the Kufour Presidency, in the persons of Wofa Yaw Guggisberg (a.k.a.Yaw Gugie) in the Abuakwa South Constituency in the Eastern Region and Alhaji Bin Salih in the Wa East Constituency of the Upper West Region, where we received great counsel as to the way forward for our dear Party and Nation.

There is no doubt that the New Patriotic Party is the most attractive political party in Ghana and it is evident in the reception we had during our tour. The Ghanaian people are yearning for our return to fix the broken economy. The NDC Administration has shown that they are unfocused and incompetent, lacking a proper framework to deliver an effective and resilient economy. We, therefore, have a responsibility, as a Party, to recapture power and redeem the Ghanaian people by doing things differently; thus the need to select competent, courageous, hardworking and dedicated loyalists to steer the affairs of the Party in order to guarantee a comprehensive victory in 2016.

In most of the constituencies we have visited, we met very dedicated local Party Officers, working under extremely difficult circumstances to ensure that the Party operates. What is required of leadership is to make available the necessary logistics and a proper work plan to ensure that the Party reaches out to the ordinary Ghanaian in every hamlet and corner of the country. For instance, in Binduri, our front line soldiers have put up a structure and all they require is a small level of support to complete and establish a mobilizing centre for our operations.

Our overall assessment of the party’s machinery, throughout the country, is not the best and may prove incapable of delivering us the much-desired victory in 2016. Let me mention but a few of the challenges facing the Party, especially in Rural Ghana:

· Some Constituencies lack Party offices and even in areas where they do, they are crammed and unsuitable for office and operational work.

· The Party is not visible in most of the communities we visited is very worrying, especially in the three Northern Regions and Volta Region. No single vehicle branded in our beautiful red, blue and white colours, was spotted during our tour. That is unacceptable.

· There appears to be a worrying disconnect between the Party Headquarters and the local party structures.

· There have been complaints of inadequate training and the late deployment of logistics.

· In some cases, there was a clear despondency and despair. However, our redemption message has resonated positively with the rank and file and the spirits of our members have been rekindled and they are more than ready to contribute towards our victory in 2016. They are now seized with a new sense of commitment.

I want to be a practical General Secretary who is ready to work closely with the Party Officers at the Polling Station, Constituency and Regional offices to ensure that the Party is provided with the required logistics and training, in a timely manner, to prosecute an effective campaign simultaneously in all the 275 Constituencies, for the 2016 General Elections.

In areas where the party has not done too well in elections we have to aggressively reconnect especially in the Zongos in collaboration with the Nasara Coordinators.

Success has never come easy but with the right attitude and approach, hurdles, which might seem insurmountable, can be overcome. We need to revive the spirit of voluntarism.

SERVICE, SACRIFICE and SELFLESSNESS, should underpin the Party’s organizational, electioneering and grass-root mobilization.

In all humility, I believe I have the institutional memory of our great Party and that should put me in good stead to steer the affairs of our party in the capacity of its next General Secretary.

Having gone round and heard from our loyal members and supporters, I would like to appeal to all the faithful of our great party to eschew divisive tendencies. We are a great party where we celebrate diversity and, in this process to select national officers, we must be guided by principles of choice. The very issues that unite us far outweigh those that divide us.

We have remained focused and prosecuted a very decent campaign, despite attempts within and without at vile propaganda. This is because we believe that we should let the Delegates know about my capabilities and my good intentions of raising the image of our Great Party, as our Founding Fathers did in their time. That is the difference. We shall not degenerate into that kind of indecency.

We cannot fail Ghanaians in 2016. Let’s think victory and vote Kwabena Agyei Agyepong for a resounding victory in 2016.

In conclusion, let me say that:

· I offer a practical leadership that is intensely action-oriented, passionately mission-minded, very demanding of results and prepared to chase progress.

· I intend to revive the spirit of service, sacrifice and selflessness and rejuvenate the base of the Party

· I shall restore the Party as a genuinely united force and ensure that the party machinery at the grass-root level is resourced and well oiled to prosecute an effective campaign to recapture power in 2016.

· Mine is a strong desire to serve the party with a clear conscience, pure motives and a solid character premised on Competence, Compassion, and Courage.

· I shall provide a leadership style that Understands people, Loves people and Helps people.

We cannot reverse the past but we can always learn from it and this is why there is the need to do things differently. That is why our Delegates should elect me as the next General Secretary.

I wish to assure Ghanaians that the Party that knows how best to govern will be back. NPP WILL BE BACK! TOGETHER WE SHALL RISE AGAIN

God bless our Great Party, God bless our homeland Ghana.

Thank You.

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