Ghana Music Awards & ACRAG Awards To Clash On May 3rd

The saying that cut your coat according to your cloth is really about happening in our entertainment industry if care is not taken in the month of May.

We are in an industry which is hungry for awards, therefore it has always been our prayers that more awards schemes will come into existence. Whilst looking for these awards schemes to come our way, we often forget that we have issues with our entertainment calender and event venues.

It is only in Ghana that our economic factors also contribute to dates of events therefore we always try to fix our entertainment events close to the end of the month or at the beginning of the month. In one of our interviews with the Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse George Nii Armah Quaye, we remember vividly that he (George) stated clearly that this year`s Ghana Music Awards will be held on 3rd May all things being equal.

Therefore on our event calender as a news team, we have marked 3rd May as a day set aside for the annual Ghana Music Awards to come off at the Accra International conference center. So when on Entertainment Review on Peace fm, a representative from the organizers of the erstwhile ECRAG /ACRAG awards also announced that their awards event is set and has been slated for the same 3rd May, we knew there will be trouble and fire on the mountain.

Competition is key and we at Flex newspaper would push for a healthy competition, yet if the benefit is for the same people, then there is no need for any competition or whatsoever. In fact, it will be suicidal for the industry if we will have two awards meant for the same people on the same day. Surely, one of the awards will suffer a lot of issues if that should happen.

On this note, it is our prayer that Charter house and the ACRAG organizers will look into the future in peace to iron this issue out. Of course, the VGMA is big but should it clash with the ACRAG on the same 3rd May, something funny might happen at both events.