[Advice Needed] My Friend And I Have Are In Love With The Same Lady. Please Help!

05 (1)I am David, and I need your counsel on this. I stay with 2 of my colleagues at work in a 3 bedroom flat somewhere in the Abuja. We all met when we started working in the same firm and we decided to stay together. A senior colleague at work invited us for his wedding on a Saturday and all my flatmates went for the wedding but i could not go because i was on duty at work. When i got back home, they started talking about the party and all the ladies they met. I wasn’t too happy because i felt i missed a lot. The next weekend, a beautiful and petite young lady came to look for Kenneth, one of my colleagues. She sat in the living room while i went to call Kenneth. He came out to meet her and they started talking. Since i was the only one at home with the two of them, i joined their conversation. I was amazed at the level of her intellect and i started liking her. When she was leaving, i left Kenneth to see her off. She comes around often and i made sure i joined them in conversing anytime i’m around.

After about 2 months, i noticed Juliet wasn’t coming around anymore. I asked Kenneth why i haven’t been seeing Juliet and he said she hasn’t been calling and all that and right there, he picked my phone and called Juliet. She picked the call, and gave an excuse that she has been sick and she had to travel to get treatment and she would be back in Abuja soon. After a while, i asked Kenneth about Juliet again, he said he has not heard from her in a while. Since then i stopped asking Kenneth about Juliet.
Just last weekend, while going to the market to get few things for the kitchen, I got into a cab and surprisingly, i saw Juliet in the front seat. She didn’t see me and i didn’t say anything as well, thinking we would alight at the same bus stop. All of a sudden she told the driver she was dropping and immediately the driver stopped. While giving the driver the fare, i tapped her. She was surprised and i waved ta her while the cab drove off, she signaled me to drop. I immediately told the driver to allow me drop and i paid him. I met her, we spoke and i asked her why i have not been seeing her and why she hasn’t been coming. She told me Kenneth has bin asking her out and she told him she does not want to date him and that Kenneth has been putting pressure on her and she had to keep her distance. Then i encouraged her to act wise and she asked for my contact which i immediately gave her.

I know i still like and i really want her to be my girl. I don’t know how Kenneth would feel if i go ahead in keeping in touch and eventually asking her out. Please, what do i do?