You Can’t Divorce Your Wife And Preach In My Church…

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, Ghana, Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso has told pastors of the church who think they can divorce their wives and yet stand before the congregation to preach, to revise their notes.

Sounding the warning to the pastors last Sunday during an ordination ceremony for 14 Reverends, 18 Exhorters and 10 licensed pastors at the Koforidua Assemblies of God church, Rev. Dr. Manso said any pastor who indulges in that act would not only be prevented from preaching but sacked from the church.

He warned the newly ordained men of God to be circumspect about their call, since it was not from man but from God. Hence anything that would not please the one who called them would be a gross contempt to the word of God.

He explained that many men of God have reduced the worship place to a business centre, where the former amass wealth at the expense of the flock, more than even politicians milk the resources of the country.

According to the outspoken Assemblies of God Chief Servant, it is sad that men of God who arguably are considered to be holy and, therefore, would help to resolving the high spate of corruption in the country, are themselves corrupt.

He continued, debatably about 74 percent of Ghanaians are pastors and Christians who should hold the principles of Christianity in high esteem, but rather the situation has been the opposite.

Rev. Dr. Manso continued that most men of God are today obsessed with amassing wealth from their members, at the expense of preaching and navigating them to salvation, which is the benchmark of Christ.

He has, therefore, appealed to the newly ordained men of God to live a life akin to the one who called them and desist from living an opulent life.

On his part, the Eastern Regional Superintendent of the church, Rev. Stephen Ohipeni Narh, who succeeded Rev. Alex Ofori Amankwah, paid a glowing tribute to the latter, describing him as hard working and dedicated to the call of God.

Acknowledging that the job would be very challenging, considering the work of his former boss, the new regional superintendent promised to give off his best towards the development of the church and mother Ghana.

He charged members of the church to desist from activities that would not only bring disgrace and gross disrespect to the Assemblies of God but rather be ambassadors of the word.

Rev. Narh further urged politicians to quench the thirst for corruption and abort the pregnancy of self interest, in order to discharge their duties of improving the socio-economic conditions of their people.