Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Boss


If you cannot stand your job because of a bad boss, you need to understand ineffective bosses exist in many organizations. Unfortunately, difficult bosses can prove counterproductive – they impact negatively to the desire for employees to contribute and engage at work. Bad managers do not respect their employees. In addition, they find it difficult to trust employees and intimidate employees. They are normally petty, meticulous, controlling and intrusive – taking credit for the work of their subordinates and failing to provide positive feedback. Many of the employees who leave their jobs always do so because of bad bosses and not their jobs or their pay. Some of the ways of dealing with difficult boss include:

1. Document the boss’ behavior

Try your best to get along with your boss, while documenting his behavior. Jot down things that could have transpired between the two of you, complete with the dates and time. This detailed proof can be presented when the boss is trying to fire you or when you are ready to present your case to the Human Resources.

2. Work diligently

When you work diligently, this will get rid of possible ammunition likely to be used against you. If you have a difficult boss, it is important to continue working hard because it is difficult to send away a person who does their work well. However, if you have a reputation for being rude, coming late to work and under performing, HR or higher-level management will not take your complaints seriously.

Furthermore, you should consider finding out from your boss what he/she expects from you, to get rid of any misunderstandings pertaining to responsibilities. Once he/she has revealed what is expected of you, document the list and try to exceed those expectations.

3. Keep track of your performance

Make sure to document your work, particularly when you have exceeded the expectation, such as leading a project that was not in your job description, making sales that generated a huge profit to the company or staying late several nights in a week without applying for overtime. Write the work down, the background and the effect of the work on the company. So that in the event of your bullying boss trying to terminate your employment you will be able to provide prove that you are a competent and valuable employee.

4. Be calm

It is important to think and calm yourself before responding, even when the boss says something that offends you. This will eliminate the possibility of the boss insisting you are not a good team worker. Worst still, he could use your response to fire you for being rude. Furthermore, when you have a case against the boss make sure to present it in a non-confrontational way.