The 8 Little Things That Makes The Difference In A Relationship

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No matter how perfect your relationship is, there are tiny somethings you can do which will make a difference to your relationship. Things like eating at least one meal together or picking up his favourite dessert on your way home can ensure that the two of you are just meant to be! Here are little things that can make a difference and keep the passion alive in your relationship.

1. Have at least one meal together
Today’s couples very often tend to feel left out at the dining table. So why not take some time out from your busy schedule and eat at least one meal with your partner? If you’re too hungry, you can always have dessert with him.

2. Watch his favourite TV show with him
He may ask you to watch his favourite TV show, but you’d rather read up a novel you’ve been planning for a long time.But, guess what? Watching an episode won’t do any harm. So the next time when he’s watching Sherlock, cuddle up to him and enjoy the show with him. He’ll love it for sure.

3. Send him tickets to a game
Most men are very passionate about sports and often bond over a game with their buddies. If your man is someone who loves watching a game of cricket or football, then this is something you must do.
Send him tickets for the next game depending on how many of his friends would want to join him. We bet he won’t forget the gesture.

4. Wear what he likes
When you’re at home, wear what he likes even if it’s a polo neck t-shirt that he fancies. To make things exciting, try on his shirt or boxers after you’re home. It’s bound to cheer him up.

5. Cook a meal together
How often does a couple cook a meal together? That’s right, almost never! Both of you might be extremely tired after a long day at work, but you need to take some time out to cook a meal together.
Look up for an interesting, yet easy-to-make recipe and go for it.

6. Send him a gift hamper
You need to think of innovative ideas in order to keep the spark alive in your relationship. And when it comes to gifts, no one has ever got tired of receiving one. Clothes and perfumes are passe.
We say personalize the gifts that you choose for him. If he’s an avid reader, send him a voucher of a book store. Or, book him at a spa if he loves foot massages.

7. Ask him out on a date
If you’re aware of how he is placed throughout the day, send him a message with the place and time. You don’t necessarily have to go for dinner.
You could take him star gazing, or if there’s a movie he’s been wanting to watch, basically you could squeeze in a lot of activities.

8. Leave him tiny notes
Write down a message and stick it on something you know he’s bound to notice, say the mirror in the bathroom or next to the shower. You’re taking that extra effort to show him that you care and that you’re giving him time despite having tons to do.