Teacher Trainees Threaten Nationwide Demo

Frustrated teacher trainees have served notice of embarking on a nationwide demonstration on Monday, March 24.

The demonstration will simultaneously take place in all the regional capitals.

This is intended to re-echo their call on government to restore their allowances that have been cut off.

Spokesperson for the Teacher Trainees Association in the Northern Region, Mohammed Abdul Latif Kojo, told Citi News government lied to them that their feeding fees were going to be absorbed.

According to him, the feeding fee component of their school fees had quadrupled after government’s promise.

He fumed, “We are agitating for our allowances that have been cut away by this government; the government categorically said it has absorbed our feeding fees and that we are not supposed to pay for feeding.”

He disclosed, “When we were about to go home after the semester we were given fees to come and pay and there was an element of the feeding fees and the school authorities are sacking those who have not paid from the dining hall.”

Abdul Latif Kojo claimed government was insensitive to the plight of teacher trainees.