Ghana Made Products Awards Launch In July

Entrepreneur Foundation of Ghana, (EFG) in collaboration with stakeholders will launch the second edition of Ghana Made Products Awards and Expo 2014, in Accra in July.

The awards will provide the platform to promote Made in Ghana products and services and create awareness, loyalty, recognition and prestige for the products and services.

A statement issued by Mr Sam Ato Gaisie, President/Founder of EFG in Accra at the weekend said the event would promote locally made products and services to consumers and facilitate the discovery of old and new manufactured ones.

“The awards are about seeking made in Ghana products and services and exposing them to Ghanaians across the country in an effort to promote and market them.

“The fast depreciation of the cedi against other currencies is due to the low patronage of made in Ghana products and high importation of related products.

“This creates unusual surge in demand for foreign exchange and put a lot of pressure on our local currency and affects Bank of Ghana’s foreign exchange cash flow,” Mr Gaisie said.

He observed that the stress of the Cedi against foreign currencies is because Ghanaians do not patronise products that are manufactured locally.

“We must all participate in the well- being and financial stability of our nation. We must all make conscious efforts to buy and sell made in Ghana products,” he said.

The Ghana-Made Products Awards will make consumers aware of new and quality products manufactured in the country.