Is My Girfriend A Lesbian? [Advice Needed]

t is only commendable when a young couple don’t rush things in their bedroom before their marriage. However, this  reader has become confused with the mixed messages he receives from his girlfriend. Kindly read his message story and suggest your opinion.

confused black man

I need advice or I will lose my mind. I’ve been in a relationship for nearly two and a half years. At first, it was love, she had become all that I saw, want and dream of. 

Since the beginning, our relationship is based on outings every weekend, and we haven’t had s*x not once in almost three years. Investigations have shown that she’s not cheating on me, and even avoids men in all the ways possible. That’s the problem.

Recently, she told me that her female “bisexual” friend tried to seduce her. I’ve begun wondering and remembered that even her lady-friends never discuss their boyfriends. When I confronted her and asked if she’s a lesbian, she burst into tears and said she wants us to get married before we could have s*x. However, whenever I talk about marriage, she changes the topic. 

I am at a loss as to what to do. We go to church together, and at times, it seems that the things are good between us. But without the prospect of marriage or even s*x, I don’t know what to do.