Did I Rush My Proposal To Her, We Only Met Once A While Ago [Advice Needed]

A reader sent in his story, asking what he should do about his “phone relationship” with a girl he loves.

I met my girl in 2009 and fell in love with her instantly. Since then, we’ve been sort of chatting via phone. I had a chance to meet her in person, but it has been a while since we last met and talked.

I love her passionately for reasons I can’t identify. She puts me through a lot of frustration, but after all the quarrels we always find ourselves chatting again. She complains I am too hot-tempered and pleads to be patient, but how can I be? I asked her to be my wife, but I often see her with other guys in her photos.

How can one forget a person they love? Or should I put more efforts into it?