Two Chinese Involved In Human Trafficking Granted Bail

Two Chinese nationals, who allegedly conspired and trafficked some Vietnamese to Ghana for sexual exploitation, were on Thursday granted bail by an Accra Circuit court.

The two, Huang Si Hui, 49, and Li Jiang Ping, 29, who were said to have trafficked six Vietnamese ladies, pleaded not guilty to the charges, and were granted bail in the sum of GHc20,000.00, with four sureties each to be Ghanaians.

Prosecuting, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Abraham Annor told the court that the complainants are personnel of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, while the accused persons are Manager and Manageress respectively of Jang-Mi Restaurant Limited.

He said during the month of July last year, a Vietnamese woman called Hanh recruited six Vietnamese ladies aged between 29 and 39 years to work in a Casino in Norway.

He said the six ladies were happy because it was a great experience for them to travel to Norway and would be paid $4,000 to $5,000 per month.

DSP Annor told the court that the said Hanh asked the victims to pay $150 for passport, $500 for visa and $3,000 for air ticket.

He said Hanh together with the victims left Vietnam on June 27, 2013 to China, where their documents were prepared to enable them travel to Norway.

He said the first batch comprising Ngugen Thi Nga, Le Thi Kieu Thu, Huynh Thi Ut Von, Huyuh Thi Nhieu, and Cao Thi Hong Loan, left China on transit to Dubai and arrived in Ghana, thinking they were going to Norway, while their passports were taken from them.

The prosecution said after three days Tran Thi Le Thu also had her air ticket and arrived in Ghana, and together with the others they were sent to a Chinese man in Tema, who told them they were here for prostitution.

He said the alleged Hanh charged each person to pay five thousand dollars when they started operating as prostitutes.

He told the court that Ngugen Thi Nga, Le Thi Kieu Thu, Huynh Thi Ut Von, and Huyuh Thi Nhieu were forced and pushed into prostitution, while Cao Thi Hong Loan, and Tran Thi Le Thu refused to be prostitutes, in that, they were told that they were coming to work in a restaurant, and not to do prostitution.

He said the man became furious and gave, the four who were into the profession, to a man in Takoradi and informed the other two that they would be taken to Kumasi, but they pleaded to be with their friends so they were all sent to Takoradi.

The prosecution said in Takoradi, they were handed over to Huang, the first accused person, and housed in an enclosed apartment, where they were forced to engage in prostitution, where Huang collected the money and chosed any of the victims to service his clients even if they were tired, sick or in their menstruation.

He said the first accused person charged each client between GHc250.00 for short time, and GHc500.00 for full time.

DSP Annor said in the course of investigations, the victims revealed that the first accused person charged them $270 for non-national identification card, GHc150.00 per month for food, GHc50.00 a day for passport and $250 every three months for resident permit.

He said the victims also told the police that they slept with at least two men a day, and that even when they complained of tiredness or in their menstruation, the second accused Li Jiang forced them, beat them and pulled their panties to check, and later pushed them to satisfy the customers since they had already taken the money at the front desk.

The prosecution told the court that information received indicated that the victims had been weeping, and wanted to go back home, since they were promised that they were going to Norway and because their documents have been taken away from them.

He said exhibits collected at the crime scene included two passports for the victims, two passports for the suspects, pornographic CDs, contraceptives, proactive dresses, projectors, non-national identification card, a vehicle and a lot of Ghanaian and foreign currencies.

The two are to re-appear before the court on April 15.