Stop Cursing And Invoking Deities – Chief Tells Christians

The Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Oboaman Bofotia Boaponsem II, has condemned the growing phenomenon where people resort to the invocation of deities or curses to settle disputes.

Expressing this concern to Ultimate Radio’s Brong Ahafo Regional Correspondent, Michael Sarpong Mfum, he said the practice now constituted the majority of cases settled by traditional authorities in Sunyani in recent times and wants people to settle issues amicably using other alternatives.

He told Michael Sarpong Mfum that the worst culprits surprisingly were Christians who by default are known to condemn traditional worship and the hurling of curses.

“Mostly, it is the Christians who normally curse people. While they don’t believe in idol worshiping, when they go into trouble, they turn to invoke these spirits which the Christians call evil” he recounted.

The discontented chief threw a challenge to the Christians to “call the almighty God when they are in trouble,” if they believe the lesser gods are evil” to save the traditional authorities all the troubles in having to overturn curses in the area.

The Krontihene further admonished Christians to turn to the gospel which admonishes followers of the Christian faith to bless and not curse adding “So all the Christians who even use the name of Jesus to curse is a sin.”