Prez Mahama Shouldn’t Ignore The Clergy’s Counsel…They Speak The Mind Of Ghanaians

With many clergymen diverting their call mandate of preaching salvation to talk about governance, David Asante, a member of the communication’s team of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) believes Mahama’s administration is on the brink of leading the country into a chaotic situation.

According to him, it is uncommon for men of God to leave their pulpits to engage in political sermons if they have not notice unusual happenings within the country.

Outlining the despondent nature of the economic situation in the country, the NPP communicator hinted on Okay Fm that the prayer of Archbishop Duncan-Williams to stabilize the falling Cedi is an indication that the country has reached its lasting limits and this can spell doom if God does not intervene.

Commenting on Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil’s sermon, David Asante said it is evidentially clear that the frustrations of Ghanaians have reached a point where serious planning to save the economy is needed and not dependence on prayers and all night services.

“It’s time to plan, to work hard and to be focused….every Nation that has moved from third world to developed world had a clear plan; they didn’t hope that things will happen. They didn’t have All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy. They planned for change of economy,” Pastor Otabil.

To him, it is needful President Mahama does not ignore these admonishings especially after the Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Ghana Rt. Rev. Professor Martey at the 87th Speech and Prize Giving Day of Krobo Girls SHS told Ghanaians that the leadership of President Mahama is a bad example.

“We are living in a corrupt society and that Ghanaians should not look up to today’s leadership because they are not giving us any good examples,” Prof. Martey asserted.

David Asante sees this as a frustration from the clergymen.

“It is a dangerous signal the clergy are sending and since they are speaking the mind of the society, the government must sit up and look critically at the direction they are taking the country. The clergy have used their pulpits to pour out their frustrations about President Mahama’s administration, but how about those who do not have any platform to release their frustrations which they have suppressed?” he wondered.