NDC Delegates Are Very Discerning- Ade Coker

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of The National Democratic Congress Mr. Ade Coker has described the delegates of the party as discerning and will rather assess the current administration of the party in the Region on performance than be swayed by wild and unfounded allegations.

Speaking to this reporter, the astute football administrator indicated that those who think peddling falsehood on persons in various positions in the NDC to brightened their own chances are missing the point and do not really know the NDC delegates.

According to him, the delegates are aware of the good work the current administration have done since elected and will look at the party’s feat in Greater Accra Region in the 2012 elections as the yardstick for assessing them. He said, “We were given a mandate to not only contribute to the party winning in 2012 but to win massively in the Greater Accra Region and I believe we exceeded every expectation”

He continued, “Winning 27 seats out of 39 seats in a cosmopolitan Region Like the capital of Ghana is a no mean feat and our delegates will not see this swept under the carpet and act on hearsay”.

He advised all those aspiring for position in the party to stick to the issues and convince delegates why they can even do better than the current administration that in his estimation has exceeded every expectation.

According to him, in-house competition for position is done in decorum, friendliness and devoid of wild unfounded allegations that have the potency of arming opponents with ammunition to use against them. He said the New Patriotic Party whose own delegates conference has been marred by controversies and counter accusations will chance on the least opportunity to play their last card to make them a little attractive to voters- equalization.

“As a family, every resourceful person deserves the opportunity to contribute to this big party but using the back door is not the right approach” “Whoever believes in his ability to do better must convince delegate he can do better and not seek to downplay the feat of this administration.

“Let us continue to work together for this party, it is the only hope hope of Ghana” He concluded.