Mad Rush For Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah
The management of Evangelist Diana Asamoah, who has for the past decade dominated the local gospel music industry with her scintillating and soothing music, yesterday disclosed that Diana’s success in the gospel music industry in Ghana is attributed to her to diligence.

According to the management, the renowned gospel singer who is still single and credited with a number of hit songs is ready to capture the gospel market again this year with her latest album.

Her management led by her producer, Anane Frimpong of Frimprince Music Productions, said Diana’s outstanding performance on the Ghanaian music scene and her songs have won the hearts of myriad music lovers.

A source close to the artiste told BEATWAVES that Diana’s latest album, ‘Pentecost Osoree Nwom’ which has seventy percent worship and thirty percent praise and reggae songs, has good lyrics to meet the demand of her fans.

Not too long after the release of her latest album which has a good number of hit songs, Diana’s presence has caught the attention of music lovers so much so that they are rushing to music shops to grab copies of her CD.

Music distributors and retailers say the demand for Diana’s latest album has skyrocketed since last three weeks because the songs on her latest album have inspired many.

‘The demand for the album has shot up incredibly in Accra and Kumasi, and the exceedingly high orders came immediately after radio stations in the country started promoting the songs on the album,’ the source said.

Checks conducted yesterday at some selected music retail shops and other sales outlets indicated that demand for the album remarkably shot up at the beginning of last two weeks.

The renowned gospel singer, who is dedicated to spreading the gospel of God through evangelism and powerful song ministration, has sold over 20,000 copies of her latest album within one month.

BEATWAVES gathered that with the increasing demand for her latest album, it would not be a surprise if retailers take advantage of the situation to increase the price of the CD.

The album according to her producer is full of good songs with immense commercial potential, which would soon create stiff competition for established artistes, particularly those in the gospel music field.

BEATWAVES gathered that a section of the stakeholders in the music industry have also tipped the album which would be launched on March 23 at the CAC Bantama Assembly in Kumasi, as one of the best, saying it could easily grab an award at next year’s Ghana Music Awards.

In an interview, Mr Frimpong revealed that though his ultimate aim as an artiste manager and a producer is to help his artiste make a mark on both the local and international music scenes, he feels he has to work extra hard to keep the image of his artiste on the limelight.

He told BEATWAVES that after releasing successful albums, Diana Asamoah has decided to do strictly worship songs to meet the demand of her numerous fans.

Some of the songs on her latest album include ‘Yehowa Ne Wodin Kese’, ‘34 Minutes Worship Medley’, ‘Ntome Ntwene’, ‘Abraham’, ‘Ntaban’.

On the album, she featured Adu Gyemfi on some of the reggae hymns which include ‘Nkonimdie’, ‘Osombomame’, ‘Mogya No’, ‘Yesu Dome’ and a host of others.

By George Clifford Owusu ( [email protected] mailto:[email protected] )

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