I will go mad if I have sex – man cries out

A 30 year old fast food joint operator, Kwabena Ntow Kwakye says he has not had sex for two years now for fear of going mad.

Kwabena Ntow narrating his ordeal to Mame Akua on Abrabo, Asempa FM’s program explained that, his inability to have sex is as a result of blood covenant he had with his female lover, an action he now regrets.

According to him, he entered into a relationship with a lady he met at their village but had to travel down to Accra after years of courtship to seek for greener pasture, in the absence of a decent job at the village.

After a few hustling here and there, Ntow started operating a fast food joint, popularly known as “check check”, with his little savings.

When business was booming, he rented a room and invited his love from the village for a visit.

While in Accra, Kwabena Ntow said, the lady pestered him for a blood covenant in order to give her the assurance that he was never going to have sex with any other woman apart from her.

He said, it took him about a month to finally agree to her wish because he was not ready to lose her to any other man.

The lovers decided to cut the tip of each other’s thumb with a blade, suck the blood and further rubbed their wounded thumb together as they vowed never to cheat on each other, he narrated, adding that they swore that flouting the vow will result in the offender going mad.

However, he expressed worry that even though their love grew stronger after the covenant he started battling terrible nightmares resulting in wet dreams all the time.

“Any time I dream I see myself having sex with an old woman in a big stream which I am not able to resist until she has finished with me,” he described the dream.

According to him, it did not take long, after the blood covenant, for the lady’s relatives to send a massage to his relatives that they will never allow their daughter to marry him. They did not explain their decision, he said.

Though they are separated, Ntow said for the past two years, he never had sex due to the oath as he is scared of going mad if he should go after any other woman.

Meanwhile, the Uncle of the lady in question said on the Abrabo programme he finds it difficult coming to terms with the man’s position. Though he did not support the separation, he disclosed that his niece has already found a new lover, and therefore wonders the agility and potency of the oath.

The father of the young man says he has now turned an alcoholic after being devastated by the son’s action. He told Maame Akua on Abrabo that he was more worried after fruitless attempts to get the lady’s family to rescind their decision.

Prior to the news that the girl has gone in for another lover, the two love birds were said to have visited a self-acclaimed man of God to revoke the oath.

Kwabena Ntow kwakye is still living with the doubt of not receiving the consequence of the oath even though he is well informed that his girlfriend has moved on with another man.

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