Govt. Appointees Drive Exquisite Cars Used By Hollywood Superstars

Have you ever come across a church mouse living and buying properties worth over $400,000? We have been made to understand by government that Ghana’s economy isn’t buoyant like it used to be before but have you tried counting the number of flashy cars state officials cruise in lately?

Well, if you haven’t, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has taken the toil to do that homework and his findings prove that within a short period, some government appointees can now boast of same exquisite cars being used by Hollywood superstars.

Among the cars driven around NDC appointees are Rolls Royce, Bentleys and Maybachs. The price for a Maybach starts from $345,000; depending on the model and the extra features the owner wants to add to it.

When converted into Ghana cedis, it is GHS 901,309.18. According to the autos, a website which trades in cars, the Rolls Royce Ghost would cost one $296,000 and the Phantom, $470,295. When converted in Ghana Cedis, it amounts to 773,297.15 GHS and 1,228,641.16 GHS respectively.

And for the Bentleys we see around, the price tag hinges on half a million new Ghana cedis.

Although Mr. Jumah refused to mention any name, he told OKAY FM, Ghana’s economic woes could only be linked to bad leadership and mismanagement and not any other thing that the government is trying hard to persuade Ghanaians to believe in.