What Will Men Do Without Women?

A woman has an awesome strength which empowers her to handle any problem that comes her way. She holds happiness, love and opinions. She smiles when she feels like screaming. If a woman’s persuasion can build a nation then ‘we run the world’.

What men can do to reduce their wife’s stress:

The International Women’s Day is your opportunity, though belated, to tell your wife how much you appreciate her. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how you can support your wife better.

• Emotional support and affection: Many women do not receive those sufficiently from their husbands but they are the ground rule for keeping a woman stable and happy, also in difficult times. One old couple declared that one reason of their long marriage is that they never go to bed without having reconciled. This is hard but worth the effort.

• Communication: Never give up communication. Even if she says there is nothing, there is often something that puts her down. Find out about her worries. Even if you cannot contribute to a solution alone the fact is that having discussed the issue with her makes a woman feel supported (see above).

• Time for herself: Many women feel stressed out because they have no time for themselves. Make sure your wife gets the time to exercise, to meet friends, to have fun, to have medical checkups, whatever. Go out with her and enjoy a special evening without the daily worries and angers. And please ensure that the work still gets done before she is back. Fearing the double work the next day does not reduce her stress level at all.

Help her: Even though lots of things may be traditionally a woman’s task, think about what you can do to reduce her work load. Many men complain about their wives being constantly tired. What do you expect? Somebody who works all day is tired in the evening. The only solution is reducing her workload, whatever way you may choose.

What women can do about stress

Stress cannot be prevented; we can only learn to manage it and keep it from destroying us. This brings up some important issues women need to be aware of:

• Attitudinal changes: Focus on the positive. This will help your body function a lot smoother in pressure times. Be realistic in what you can achieve and be aware that no woman is perfect. Plus few things are really as important as women tend to perceive them. Take life a little bit easier.

• Understand gender differences in stress: If you feel more stressed than your male counterparts, don’t take it as a sign that you’re not handling stress as well; you might simply experience more stress. Give yourself a pat on the back for handling what you already are, and move confidently on.

• Eliminate what you can: To maintain a reasonable level of daily stress, women need to get used to the idea of setting priorities and saying no.

• Exercise: is a great stress reliever. It pumps more oxygen into your body that helps you to think more clearly and your body releases hormones that make you feel happier.

• Eating Healthy: Studies have shown that unbalanced foods affect your mental health. Instead of cramming your system down with minerals, fried foods, fast food, candy and the like, begin feeding yourself more fruits and vegetables. You’ll be surprised how much more energetic you’ll feel. Better nutrition equals less stress. While some people feel that alcohol makes them feel relaxed, it is known to contribute to depression.

• Medical checkup and treatment: Go for regular checkups. Many women die of stress and heart diseases because they had little or no time for themselves. On the other hand, their daily stress prevents women from participating in screenings. Take the time! NHIS also covers consultations for mental health, including stress.

• Communicate: Talking to others — preferably face-to-face or at least on the phone — is a great way to better manage whatever is stressing you out. It could possibly also provide you with a solution to some of your problems or change your respective perceptions. GB