"Prof Adei And Some Pastors Speak Without Thinking…They Just Hate Mahama"

Managing Editor of the Al Hajj newspaper, Alhaji Iddrisu Bature, has labeled the former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and some Reverend Ministers as “senseless thinkers”.

According to him, the minds of those acclaimed leaders are “crowded with hatred” for President John Dramani Mahama and his style of governance.

Alhaji Bature wonders how the former GIMPA Rector could describe the president and his Cabinet as a bunch of “liars who have refused to tell Ghanaians the true state of the economy”.

Professor Adei was purported to have bemoaned the culture of lack of candour creeping into the country’s body politic and accused President Mahama, ministers of state, public officials and the media of lying to Ghanaians.

He first made the remarks at a two-day marriage seminar in Tema and defended his tagging of President Mahama and his ministers as liars in subsequent interviews with the media.

According to Professor Adei, he does not regret his comments saying the president and his appointees have refused to tell Ghanaians the exact state of the economy. The Renowned Academician posited that it was clearly wrong for the president to claim that Ghana’s economy is doing well.

“I said the president, minister and everyone are lying. This country seems to be getting a culture of lying to each other and the media unfortunately are spearheading it.

“It is not only the president. There is too much lack of candour in our system and it is hurting us…You live in a country where the President is lying; Ministers are lying; and everybody is lying. How can a Head of State stand in front of a country in this state of affairs and say that the economy is good? It is not good; things are hard….Everyone on the street knows that the economy is not in a good shape…

“…if we want to have a good economy and country, we have to buckle up as a country, increase national savings, discipline our appetite and decrease corruption, among others,” Prof Adei said.

But speaking on Adom FM Wednesday, Alhaji Bature said the comments by the former Rector were unfortunate adding that Ghana can never progress with such leaders in the country.

“If this is the kind of leaders we have, no wonder Ghana is where it is. Prof Adei is well respected in this country. He (Prof Adei) and some men of God who are supposed to inspire us rather hate the president. People don’t like the president especially some category of our leaders.

“…There is no sense in whatever they say…there is not a single piece of sense. You can see that their minds have been crowded with hatred for President Mahama. They don’t make sense because of the hatred they have for the guy (President Mahama),” Alhaji Bature said.

“Prof Adei should have known that, his utterance was below the belt. That shouldn’t have come from him,” he added.