Govt. Must Involve Non-Partisan People To Help Solve Dwindling Economic Issues

The General Overseer of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries, Rev. Yaw Owusu Ansah has admonished the government to give the opportunity to anyone who is capable of turning Ghana’s economic fortunes around, no matter their political affiliation.

According him, in order to build a strong and resilient economy for Ghana, it will be imperative for the leaders of the nation to invite people, who are well vested in the field and also filled with the spirit of God to help steer the economy.

Using the Biblical story of Joseph in Genesis chapter 37, Rev. Owusu Ansah deposed that God cannot be eliminated in any aspect of life, much less the running of the country and the economy.

“…if you look at Joseph whiles in prison and Pharaoh, who was very frustrated about a dream he had but could not understand because all the magicians in the land were unable to interpret it. Even at the time Joseph was being ushered out of the prison to meet Pharaoh, he did not look like someone who could explain the meaning of such a dream.

“…but when he got there, Pharaoh told him that I have heard you have an answer to my dream and Joseph answered emphatically that, it is not me but the God of Heaven and Earth has a peaceful interpretation to your dream, even when he (Joseph) has not heard the dream. He recognized God as the inspiration in all he did so the God factor can never be taken away, if you want to build a very good economy of a nation,” he explained.

The Man of God made these comments on NEAT FM’s ‘Me Man Nti’ programme whiles responding to the question as to whether we must plan as a nation, after which we call for Gods intervention in implementation or pray before we plan.

Rev. Owusu Ansah was of the view that God cannot be taken out in any of our endeavors as human beings, which therefore means we must always plan but also ask God for inspiration in the process of planning.

In the process of narrating the Biblical Joseph story to Adakabre Frimpong Manso, the host, he stated that, “the interesting side is that the man who introduced Joseph said that there is a young man, who is a Hebrew and not one of us but Pharaoh was willing to meet him (Joseph) only if he was a God fearing person”.

“So if we want to make our nation prosperous, it does not matter if the person belongs to the ruling party or not. We should be ready to give anyone who is willing to allow himself for God to use his spirit and mind to turn Ghana’s economy around,” he concluded.