Ghana’s Economy Has Taken A Nose Dive Like The Missing Malaysia Jet

In an endorsement of what the General Overseer of International Central Gospel Church, Dr. Otabil said that prayers cannot save Ghana’s economy nor improve it from its current circumstances, a member of the communication team of the opposition NPP, David Asante has likened the gloomy nature of the country’s economy to the despair worldwide over the missing Malaysia Jet.

Dr. Mensa Otabil on last Sunday told his congregation that “it’s time to stop having All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy”; adding rather than praying for the economy to improve, the country must have a focused vision with a clear-cut plan towards shoring up the economy.

“It’s time to plan, to work hard and to be focused,” he was quoted as saying.

The ICGC General Overseer went on to further add that every Nation that has moved from third world to a developed world had a clear plan.

“They didn’t hope that things will happen. They didn’t have All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy. They planned for change of economy,” he was quoted as saying.

Endorsing the stance of Dr. Otabil, the NPP communicator averred on Ghana Decides program on Okay Fm that when leadership begins to fail in a country, it paves way for all manner of people to begin to suggest alternative approaches, adding it is an indictment on President Mahama and his economic team that pastors had to pray for the stabilization of the cedi.

To him, Ghana can develop only when there is a clear sense of direction and leadership drive and not just praying in tongues as some clergymen have resorted to doing in a bid to make the economy better.

He also slammed the Mahama-led administration for its reckless expenditure which has thrown the country’s economy into a despondent state.

“…we have taken a nose dive that if we are not too careful it will be like the missing Malaysia Jet where everybody is throwing up their hands in despair…President Mahama and his government have over spent Ghc600 million in the budget allocated to them….the excessive spending by government and its departments is gradually sinking the nation,” he stated.