For Ladies: 3 Habits That Is Still Keeping You Single

images (4)Listen up ladies. I know a little constructive criticism can hurt sometimes; but its time to fix those detrimental mistakes that are crippling your love lives. None of us are perfect when it comes to dating. But that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t strive to be when their is room for improvement.

Instead of wondering why you just can’t seem to land a boyfriend, take a self-reflective look in the mirror and try to fix the problems in your love life. Here are 3 habits that may unintentionally be keeping you single:

1. Talking too much.

Let’s face it. Women in general are talkers. Two women can theoretically sit at a dinner table for an hour and spit out over twenty thousands words on their favorite pair of shoes.

Men, not so much. While we love to hear women talk, and on the whole, try to be good listeners, there is a fine line between making good conversation, and talking to the point of overkill. Men want to be a part of the conversation when dating, not just the audience. So be sure to give the guy you are dating his fair share of time to contribute to the conversation.

2. Coming on too strong, too fast.

Most men love the idea of finding a woman that they can settle down with and spend the rest of their lives with. As much as men love the thrill of a good chase, true love outweighs this notion for most of us, despite what men will have you believe with their actions.

The problem is when women act too clingy early on. Men want to feel as if they can get to know a woman without all the pressure of marriage and kids being felt within the first couple months of meeting someone. It is hard enough for many guys to give up the prospect of never being with another woman again. Adding pressure will only make things worse and scare us away.
Give the relationship time to develop naturally, or you may just find yourself missing out on a great guy.

3. Not prioritizing your love life properly.

Let’s face it, trying to land a boyfriend can often feel like a second job. Dating often involves staying out later than one may prefer, going out more on weekdays, and all in all, having to clear up much more free time for this new person in our life.

The problem is that many women fail to prioritize, failing to realize that their schedules need to change. When someone important comes into our lives, gone are the days where work and friends trump everything. Being serious about having a relationship means getting serious about prioritizing the important things in our lives. So make the choice, friends and career, or happy love life!