Ayariga: ‘Gov’t Knows What It Is Doing’

The Minister of Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga has assured Ghanaians that government is aware of the challenges they face and is working to solving them.

According to him, critics should appreciate that even though the country is currently facing a number of problems, government has ensured that some sectors the economy work efficiently.

Mr. Ayariga cited the telecommunications sector and radio stations as some of the areas working well due to government’s effectiveness.

“We can be more progressive and appreciate that yes there are problems but a lot of these are also working, you are sitting in the studio, you are broadcasting, people are listening to you that is because some system is working; the frequency system through which you are reaching people every morning is working…. So it means that some aspect of our society is working,” he added

Government has come under harsh criticism for the state of the motorway, the nationwide load shedding program and the erratic supply of water which some say is an indication of government’s failure.

But the Minister denied this “I can assure you that we know what we are about, we know what we are doing, we know the challenges that confront us and we know the options that we have to exercise to resolve issues. We are all part of some problems and we are all potentially also part of all the solutions to the problem of this country…; we can also be more progressive and appreciate that there are problems but, a lot of things are also working,’’ he said on the Citi Breakfast Show.

A pot-hole on one of the lanes of the Tema motorway is hindering the flow of traffic from and to that side of town and many have expressed outrage at the delay in fixing the road.

Responding to questions on the state of the motorway, the Information Minister said that “the fact that there is a pot-hole on a section of Tema Motorway which creates traffic and hasn’t been addressed it doesn’t mean that the whole of Ghana doesn’t work.’’

Mr Ayariga however criticized those complaining about the state of the nation “as you look at the problems, also appreciate the fact that we have made some progress and don’t create the impression that Ghana is a system that doesn’t work.’’

He further stated that ‘’a country is a work in progress’’, citing America as an example, the Minister said that even the United States has infrastructure problems.

The Member of Parliament for Bawku Central said government is engaged in a delicate balancing exercise due resource constraint. “Things are not just as easily straight forward as you see them,’’ he concluded.

On the impact of the Single Spine Salary Structure and public sector reform, he said government cannot sack public sector workers just because it cannot afford to pay them.