Togbe Afede Condemns Extra Classes …

Togbe Afede the Fourteenth, Agbogbomefia, Saturday said “too many extra classes will destroy students’ independence, self-confidence and ability to think.”

He said the norm of remedial classes and remedial examinations was worse, because many students registered for those classes and examinations “even while they were preparing for the main exams. This would have been considered disgraceful signs of failure during out times.”

Togbe Afede made these observations as the Guest of Honour at a durbar to climax activities, marking 30 years of E.P Mawuko Senior High School in Ho.

It was under the theme: “three decades of female education, achievements, challenges and prospects.” The motto of the School is “Educate a woman for God and educate a nation for God.”

Togbe Afede, who announced a GH¢10,000 endowment fund for the school, called for a system of continuous assessment that required students to prepare in advance for classes, and attempt solving problems on their own.

This approach, he explained, would help students to develop their energies and comprehension, imagination and capacity for critical thought and self-confidence.

Togbe Afede said the way to keep pace with change and “dynamic flexibility” was to be willing to think and that “an educational system that presents information as dogmas that must be passively consumed will not help our cause.”

Togbe Afede said the educational system must impart a sense of self-confidence and independence in students teach them to be ambitious, desire the best and be encouraged to think positively to persevere and be humble.

“The expressions too difficult and impossible should also be absent from the vocabulary of our future leaders,” he said.

Mr. Joseph Nii Afotey-Agbo, Volta Regional Minister, advised the students to persevere in their studies in order to be adequately suited to the world of work.

He observed that education makes a woman economically independent thereby contributing immensely to improving living conditions in the family and society.

He pledged GH¢1,000 towards the development of the school. Nii Afotey-Agbo, who moves to the Greater Region as Regional Minister, promised to keep his interest in the development of the Volta region.