‘Stop Twisting Attorney General’s Request To Defame Us’

Carlos SAkyi, GHAMRO Chairman

Carlos SAkyi, GHAMRO Chairman

The leadership of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) yesterday condemned a vile attempt by a group of people to defame its hard-earned reputation through the circulation of false documents.

GHAMRO, led by Carlos Sakyi, which was reacting to false statements from certain faceless stakeholders that GHAMRO had been ordered to account to the Attorney General (A-G), noted that the statements were bent on destroying the hard-won reputation of the organisation and its key leaders.

A source close to the GHAMRO board told BEATWAVES in a chat, ‘The Copyright Office sent a letter to all three CMOs licensed to operate in Ghana, namely Copy Ghana for literary works, ARSOG for audiovisual works and GHAMROP, stating that the A-G had directed all three Collective Management Organisations (CMO) to present annual accounts as required under the Copyright Act for 2012 and 2013.

They should stop twisting A-G request to defame us. This simple routine matter has deliberately been twisted and distorted to make GHAMRO look bad is totally unacceptable and clearly part of the sabotaging activities of some detractors are responsible for COSGA’s collapse and bankrupt state at the end of its existence.’

Document available to BEATWAVES from the Copyright Office stated it had been directed by the A-G to request submission of records of meetings, register of members and accounts from all three collecting societies approved under the Copyright Regulations by the A-G in line with routine procedure.

The letter which was copied to all the three societies including Attorney-General, had been deliberately twisted and misconstrued to create the impression that it was directed solely at GHAMRO ‘clearly indicates mischief and sabotage.’

GHAMRO implored the A-G to be wary of persons and institutions that wrongly use the office of the Attorney-General for purposes of mischief and distortions, as this had the potential of discrediting the current A-G.

‘This unfortunate situation has the potential of creating disorder among the players in the creative industry and negatively impacting on their cordial relationship with the A-G.  Over the years music industry players including current GHAMRO leaders have had very cordial relations with several Attorney- Generals’ including Nana Akufo-Addo, Joe Ghartey, Ayikoi-Otoo, and Betty Mould-iddrisu. The current A-G should deal drastically with any person found culpable in this vile attempt to create confusion between the A-G’s office and GHAMRO,’ the source at GHAMRO told BEATWAVES.

The source hinted that GHAMRO had indicated its readiness to account for its stewardship and comply fully with all legal requirements, but however stated emphatically that any attempt to use the law as a tool of oppression and intimidation would be firmly resisted using all legal and constitutional means.

The source also disclosed GHAMRO’s board decision to petition President Mahama in this regard, adding that GHAMRO was preparing accounts for their annual general meeting and elections which was originally slated for the end of March 2014.

 By George Clifford Owusu ([email protected])

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