No “Solid Research And Planning” In UG’s Decision To Restrict Vehicular Access

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams has expressed disappointment in the authorities of the University of Ghana for placing a ban on drivers that ply within the campus of the facility without customized stickers.

Kofi Adams, addressing the protracted impasse between the University authorities on one hand and motorists and parents with kids schooling at the University Basic School (UBS), located on the University’s campus on U TV‘s political analysis programme “Adekye Nsroma“, questioned the “research faculty” of the University.

He claimed the University lacked the ability to do proper research before deciding to restrict access to the general public; hence disallowing motorists especially parents whose children attend the University’s basic school.

According to him, if the University had effectively done their feasibility test and taken into consideration the current economic situation amidst other hardships, they would not choose to worsen the plight of Ghanaians.

To Kofi Adams, the University’s altercation with the parents dents its image and therefore believed it could have been avoided if they had made better decisions based on “solid research and solid planning.”

He explained that a research by the University would have exposed certain vital components to the authorities and informed them whether or not the restriction will lead to the current situation.

“The University is supposed to be a centre of excellence where proper research is done. You take decisions based on solid research and solid planning…The University should not be exposed to this kind of situation. This is one of our premier Universities,” Kofi Adams said.