Let Families Of NACOB Boss & Mahama Patronize Wee If…

Aspiring First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Michael Omari Wadie has slammed Executive Director of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Yaw Akrasi Sarpong for suggesting that marijuana, popularly known as “wee” be legalized in the country saying it smacks of irresponsibility on his part as a leader.

The NACOB Boss, last week said, he believes there is some wisdom in the legalization of cannabis sativa because increasingly, ordinary people do not think that possessing the mentally-disturbing substance is a crime.

“Take or leave it, there is “a virtual legalization” of marijuana because already “mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives are using stuff made of Indian hemp” for their hair,” the tough-talking Yaw Akrasi Sarpong said.

Marijuana also called Indian hemp but locally referred to as ‘wee’ is said to be prevalent in the whole country, and it is easy to grow as it takes between 12 to 16 weeks to cultivate. Dealers in the drug trade are domiciled in villages where they lavish cash and support a subtle community welfare system.

Mr Akrasi Sarpong explained this makes people in these villages shield dealers of the product from arrest.

But responding to the stance of NACOB boss, Michael Omari Wadie averred on Ghana Decides’ program on Okay Fm that Ghanaians should not heed to Akrasi Sarpong’s call.

He stressed that the suggestion of the NACOB boss be practiced by the families of President Mahama and Mr. Akrasi Sarpong’s since the President has not seen any reason to punish him (Akrasi Sarpong) for the suggestion he made.

“As for me and my household, we will not use wee and I will not encourage anybody to engage in the use of wee because it can make you go mad. Akrasi Sarpong and the President and their families can use it if they see nothing wrong with the use of wee….I think what this man said, he needs to be whipped for it; he knows those who use trade and use it and yet he cannot do anything about it….anyway, I am not surprised this is coming from him,” he said.