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I will Never Be Caught On Skin Cut…….Adokiye Kyrian


For those who don’t know her, Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne popularly known as ‘Adokiye’ is a Nigerian music artist, who started her musical journey at an early age after being influenced by music icons like Onyeka Onwenu, King Sunny Ade among others.

Presently, the Caritas University graduate of architecture has been appointed as Imo State Youth Ambassador

Our correspondent, Akin Omobose had a chat with Adokiye as she talks on reason why she can never be caught on skin cut .Enjoy

How will you describe your hair texture?

Actually, I have a thick hair naturally, but with the help of my treatment it’s soft and silky. I’d say it’s beautiful. And I took after my Dad, he has a very great hair texture as matter of fact his hairs are very curly .I remember then he used to be on mini Afro, because he was too obsessed with his hair

Is there any special treatment for it?

Not really, but I use my sheer butter constantly. And I retouch at least once in every month but on a normal day sheer butter does the magic for me
Any special relaxer for your hair?

No, I can go for any as long as it suits my hair .Though we Africans our hair need a certain type of attention. And when it is not properly attended to, it causes breakage.

So I am always careful when it comes to things for my hair. But I must say there are some really nice products out there that are also good.

What is hair style to you?

Hair styles I think bring out the beauty of a woman. It gives you a unique look and makes you stand out .For me, hair styling is my power and it depicts me basically
Have you ever done anything crazy on your hair?

Off course yes, I have actually gone blonde before for a while and I felt very different and powerful because blond has its own strength.
You know everyone go on black hair or have the black feel, so for once carrying blond makes you so different and outstanding. It gives you this outstanding look that makes everyone wanting to turn and look at you when you step in .It brings you out from many more especially making you feel special that you are something new or different.

So as a celebrity, which hairstyle will you not wear?

Never will I be caught on Skin Cut .I don’t want to imagine myself on it .because I just think as a woman, my strength is my hair .And my Dad always made me feel he couldn’t stand a woman with no hair or with short hair .So he made sure I had all the treatment to make my hair grow long and nice. So there won’t be any excuse of not having hair/ and that is what I have been holding on to since I was small.

What is your kind of hairstyle?

I like full and very long hairstyles. But in a situation whereby am not chanced to fix I go on my natural hair. Because naturally I have a very nice texture of hair, very long and silky. So when I am not fixing, I love to go on my natural hair.

Can you go bald for any reason?

Well because of the nature of my Job, once I’m paid very well why not I can go bald, and I could for a music video that requires me to do that I mean a very outstanding Video.
But Off course after it, it could get Grammy (laughs).

You seem not to be the braid type?

Braids for me ,that’s basically not my thing .But again, I say as a professional if my job requires me to go on Braid , why not?

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