AUDIO: Nii Boi Town Building Collapsed Due To Curses And Insults – Contractor

The contractor in charge of a six-storey building which collapsed at Nii Boi Town, a suburb of Accra a few days ago suspects foul play.

The yet-to-be completed building located behind the Grand View Hotel collapsed killing one person. According to authorities, the contractor as well as the owner of the building had been warned severally to stop the construction but did not heed to that.

Speaking to PEACE FM, Moses Abbey, the contractor, said when he was supervising the building, Madam Lartey, a woman living close to the construction site was always raining insults and curses on them. He said the woman who was not happy with where the building was being constructed vowed to make sure they did not complete it.

“This is not the first time I have constructed a building for the owner of the Grand View Hotel. None of the buildings I have constructed so far has collapsed” he said.

According to him, there was no way the building would have collapsed because they used the right materials and insisted that the building collapsed because of the curses and an explosive from a ‘dynamite someone had hidden under the building’.