[Advice Needed] I’m Frustrated! My Wife Doesn’t Satisfy Me Sexually & I Don’t Want To Cheat On Her. Help!

This is a story of a man who’s wife is frustrating him sexually and he needs honest advice on what to do.


I am 29 years old and I got married to the love of my life who is 3 years younger than I am. We have a 2 year old cute son and my wife is pregnant with the second.

My problem is that I have a mighty s*x urge and libido but my wife is my complete opposite in bed. We dated for 4 years before we married and she became pregnant immediately I disvirgined her.

Throughout our courtship, we never had s*x but we use to enjoy hours of kissing and romance. I never thought s*x was going to be an issue in our relationship till we married and she gave birth.

Each time we make love she either complains that my man-hood is too big and painful or that I take time to c*m. I have tried to increase her interest in s*x through every means I know of, I use P0*n to make her horny but whenever we eventually have s*x I feel depressed and sad because it won’t be any fun.

Sometimes in the process of romance, she’ll c*m over and over again then she’ll just sleep off leaving me awake all night. I have discussed the issue with her time without number but she keeps promising to get better.

I’m afraid that this is pushing me into cheating which I swore to myself never to do. I need your matured advice please before I go crazy.

What should I do?