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‘Yaw Buabeng Asamoa Is Our Best Option For General Secretary’


The Patriotic Youth Forum is a platform created by various Tescon leaders and youth activists of the NPP across the country. Its core objective is to shape opinions and ensure that decisions from the party are based on accurate research and analytical findings.

It’s trite knowledge that the choice of General Secretary is crucial so far as the electoral fortunes of any political party is concerned. In this regard, we have analysed and scrutinized the abilities and capacities of the four candidates vying for the General Secretary position and have come to a firm conclusion that looking at the rudiments that will play out in the 2016 general elections, Lawyer Yaw Buaben Asamoa presents the SAFEST option for the party in our quest to wrestle power from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). Our decision is premised on 3(THREE) main findings.

We reckon the plethora of sound policies and messages trumpeted by the various candidates in the race for the General Secretary Position. Critical analysis has however shown that, UNITY is one key ingredient the NPP cannot afford to miss in the 2016 challenge. This is what gives Lawyer Yaw Buabeng Asamoa an edge over all other candidates. His flagship message of ‘UNITY’ cannot be overlooked by our delegates. It is even more prominent when he(Yaw Buabeng) has not left his message of ‘Unity’ at just ‘lip service’ but has at every time, walked the talk of Unity. We readily recall how Yaw Buabeng campaigned vigorously for the 2012 Presidential candidate of NPP even though he supported a different candidate during the 2010 NPP Presidential Primaries. This singular act gives ample credence to the fact that in our craving for Unity after all internal contests, Yaw Buabeg Asamoa presents a choice that will always place the collective interest of the party ahead of all individual ambitions and aspirations. Analysts have shown that National officers with this mentality will be priceless assets for the NPP in the 2016 challenge.


Our research also revealed that, our grass root does not gel properly with our top brass. The ordinary supporter and sometimes local executives find our party leadership highly inaccessible. This sometimes leads to a disconnect between decisions of our party leadership and the realities on the ground. Yaw Buabeng Asamoa has proven to be very accessible. His sober demeanour and down-to-earth persona draws people of diverse backgrounds to him. The NDC is expected to use a lot of monetary inducements for the 2016 campaign. It’s obvious the NPP cannot match the NDC in that line. Analysts say the panacea to the NDC’s ‘money campaign’ will be a pack of down-to-earth national officers who will be able to work with people from all backgrounds.

It was also unearthed that our citizenry are fast losing hope in our governance system owing to the many corruption scandals that has rocked this NDC administration. ‘Corruption’ will be one of the key issues on which the 2016 election will be decided. The NPP must inflict hefty electoral wounds on the NDC for many corruption scandals that rocked their administration. The NPP requires an expert hand that will tactically make use of the ‘corruption’ weapon against the NDC. This is where Yaw Buabeng Asamoa stands tall. He has a long standing reputation as an excellent anti-corruption crusader and it’s obvious his finesse in this area was mastered in his days as the Executive Secretary of Ghana Integrity International an anti- graft civil society body which he co-founded and has endured the heat of exposing many corruption scandals under successive governments.

Our delegates must consider the issues raised above in selecting our next General Secretary and give our party a giant leap towards recapturing power from the NDC in 2016. Thank you.

Chris Arthur (President, TESCON- KNUST), Convener. 0541173031
Yuda Maame Yaaba Mensah (President, Tescon -Sehwi-Wiaso Nursing School), Coordinator. 0541482654
Isaac Appeateng Yeboah (President, Tescon- Pentecost University college), Coordinator. 0244757578
Ofori Evans Lopez (President, Tescon- King’s University College), Coordinator. 0267529844
Ernest Dansah Appiah( President, Tescon- Methodist Univeristy College), Coordinator

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