Who Does It Belong To? NDC Or NPP

During the State of the Nation Address, President John Dramani Mahama announced that his Government has decided to ‘progressively’ implement the famous FREE SHS concept at the beginning of the 2015 and 2016 academic year.

As is typical of Ghanaians, the President’s announcement has generated heated debates across the length and breadth of the country as to who the FREE SHS concept really belongs too.

Truly, the NPP during the 2012 general elections made the FREE SHS concept their main selling point. At the time the NDC, was not too enthused about the concept and there is a large volume of documentary evidence to prove that.

However the framers of Ghana’s1992 Constitution may have gotten a peep into the future and may have seen that one day some people will haggle of the ownership of the concept so apparently they dropped it in the constitution including even the capitation grant for the basic schools.

The SCANDAL has been following the debate and we have been reminded of an incident that occurred between female friends- Naana and Jemima. Naana and Jemima are two old school friends. They had an invitation to an old girls dinner and they wanted to look their best so the two went together to shop for some clothes for the occasion.

Naana saw this beautiful purple flowing dress and matching shoes which she admired and decided to buy. But Jemima disagreed with her saying the color was not appropriate for the occasion and that the dress was also too expensive. Try as Naana did to convince her, Jemima would not budge and eventually Naana left the dress and shoes and the shelf and the two friends left.

Come the night of the dinner and Naana had the shock of her life when her bossom friend Jemima strolled in majestically wearing the same purple dress and shoes which she had prevailed on Naana not to buy.

And the argument started. Naana said “but you said this dress was not good why did you go back to buy when you asked me not to?
Jemima replied “The dress was still on the shelf and I bought it with my own money so what is your problem? Besides you do not have the copyright to this dress.”

Forget that the dress was on the shelf and Jemima bought it with her own money. Forget that Naana does not have a copyright to the dress. What kind of person do you think Jemima is?