Parliament Must Develop Guidelines For Partners – CPR

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has called on Parliament to consider developing guidelines to regulate its dealings with civil society and other organisations in the performance of its duties.

In a statement to the Ghana News Agency, CPR said the initiative would help address the difficulties that such organisations went through in their quest to strengthen Parliament in the promotion of good governance.

“The state alone cannot provide all the support Parliament requires by way of capacity on various issues that engage its attention hence the need for support from civil society organisations, development partners and other non-governmental organisations to help address the capacity deficits of Parliament,” it said.

It explained that, over the years, the critical support to Parliament by such organisations had been very useful in enhancing the capacities of Members of Parliament (MPs) in diverse ways and had also impacted positively on the performance of MPs and Parliament as an institution.

“This, CPR believes, has long term implications on the performance of MPs and Parliament in the exercise of their legislative oversight duties,” it said.

CPR, therefore, urged Parliament to undertake a careful assessment of its partnership with such organizations, in placing appropriate guidelines that would help address challenges organisations faced in their dealings with Parliament