MP attempts to solve UG-car-sticker confusion

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayawaso-West Wuogon constituency, Emmanuel Agyarko has stepped in to address the confusion arising from the blocking of the GIMPA end of the University of Ghana gate by the university authorities.

There was drama and chaos at the University of Ghana campus, Monday, as some parents, who have wards in the University of Ghana Basic School, parked their cars right in the middle of the road when they were prevented from entering the university through the GIMPA end of the road.

The incident created lots of traffic and the GIMPA end of the University of Ghana road

The University authorities said only cars with a unversity of Ghana sticker worth 400 cedis a year would be granted passage, a decision the parents kicked against.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu, who witnessed the protest by parents reported that the angry parents blocked the link gate that led to the university.

The furious and chanting parents questioned why the university authorities were demanding as much as 400 Ghana cedis per year when their only reason for using that road was drop and pick their wards from school.

The link gate is one of four entry points that remained closed to the public except for motorists, who have the university car sticker.

The university authorities insist that members of the public use the main entrance at Okponglo free of charge but parents complain that route inconveniences them.

Commercial drivers are also complaining that they are being charged 500 Ghana cedis a year and failure to enter and exit the university within a-twenty-minute time-frame, comes with a-200-Ghana cedis penalty.

The parents in anger demanded a change in the policy by the university.

But the MP, who is attempting to solve the issue, told Joy News Monday, that he had a preliminary discussion with the vice chancellor of the university but had not reached any conclusive agreement on the matter.

According to Mr. Agyarko, he had held discussions with the chairman of the P.T.A. of the University Primary School and is hopeful an amicable solution will soon be found.

  Story by Ghana||Ivy Benson/[email protected]

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