Educate Farmers On Correct Use Of Chemicals

Apostle Dr Samuel Ayisi Larbie, Founder and Leader of the Power of Christ International Church, has called on the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), to offer regular education to farmers on the correct use of chemicals.

He said MoFA should also ensure that it makes provision for adequate storage facilities in the various farming districts, whilst proper arrangements should be made for the sale of foodstuffs and other cash crops, to promote agricultural activities.

Apostle Dr Larbie was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on agricultural practices and the application of chemicals on plants and food preservation in an interview at Kasoa.

He said that apart from the promotion, effective preservation, food security, application of chemicals and the supply of agricultural raw materials for industry were highly essential for the protection and sustainable good health for consumers.

Apostle Dr Larbie appealed to government to set up a permanent and revolving agricultural development fund, to support the efforts of young men and women who have embraced agriculture as their life-long profession.

He was optimistic that if government put in measures which were quite appealing, many unemployed youth would go into farming to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Apostle Dr Larbie advised Ghanaians to purge themselves of all symptoms of negative behaviors and attitudes which retard national development, to enable them to make meaningful contributions towards national development.