CK Morgan Goes Mad At "Pokello" Via Facebook

After it hit over the net that Elikem and Pokello has just broken up and Elikem has impregnated a German Based Designer “Theresa Onnen”

Pokello then went on twitter to insult Theresa Onnen ” calling her a bitch and at the same RT the insults the fans were saying .

CK Morgan German Born Ghanian American Singer who doubles as a rapper who is very close to Theresa Onnen , fires back at pokello on Facebook and Twitter

Where theresa commented on his Facebook and said “thx bro God bless you”

This is what he had to say.
Honestly Speaking Pokello or Whatever her name is , I honrstly think its not cool sittin on twitter insultin Theresa Onnen or Making Fun of her husband I mean who does that ??? mtscheeew I know Theresa very well she would never go around saying shes pregnant or dating Elikem , Theresa is not the type of person who would do that just to get attention …. You gotta do your Homework Boo Boo ,before u go in on people smh, I mean if you know ur alleged Bf wont cheat on you ,why you Mad for ? dont let your insecuritys bother u cus its Obvious that at some point u dont even trust ur own man ! Mtscheeew ####GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER GIRL####

He also said on his twitter : You Could have said it in a smartest way ,instead of dissin someone ,never judge a book by its cover ? Get your life together and dont let your insecuritys bother you , cause it obviously seems like you dont even trust your own Man

YSL your not even an influence to people out here ,as for a grown woman im very disapointed in you , I mean real wise woman ,would have said it in a good way but what you did is just an epic fail ###2DROPS 1GHC## Mtsheeew tweaa

Meanwhile we are waiting to hear Theresa side of story!

2014-03-17 170827
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