BRAZIL 2014:World Cup Winner To Receive $35 Million In Prize Money

FIFA will give the 2014 World Cup winner $35 million in prize money, and all 32 competing nations will get at least $8 million.

The figures were agreed Thursday by FIFA’s executive committee as part of a $576 million fund. It includes payments to clubs worldwide and an insurance policy to cover injured players’ salaries.

At the 2010 World Cup, champion Spain earned $30 million from a $348 million teams’ prize money pot.

FIFA pays the money to the 32 national federations, which will each get an additional $1.5 million to prepare for the June 12-July 13 tournament in Brazil.

The German federation has promised all 23 players a 300,000 euros ($407,000) bonus for winning the title.
Prize Money Distribution For FIFA World Cup 2014:

Total Prize Money: $576 million (confirmed by FIFA)

Participation Fee: $1.5 Million (each 32 Teams)
FIFA Confirmed the Prize Money Details STAGE TEAMS MONEY
Participation Fee 32 Team $1.5m
Group Stage(eliminated Teams) 16 Teams $8m
Round of 16 (Losers) 8 Teams $9m
Quarter Finals (Losers) 4 Teams $14m
4th Place team 1 Team $18m
Third Place Team 1 Team $20m
Runner Up 1 Team $25m
Winners 1 Team $35m
Fees To clubs whose players play in WC $70m


[ Following table shows the prize money distribution among 32 teams from FIFA World Cup 2010 in South AFrica, where total prize money was $420 million ] So we can expect the small increase on prize money at every stage.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Prize Money Distribution:
Stage TEAM Money
Participation Fee 32 Teams $1 Million Each
Group Stage(eliminated Teams) 16 $8 Million
Round of 16 (Losers) 8 $9 Million
Quarter Finals (Losers) 4 $14 Million
4th Place team 1 $18 million
Third Place Team 1 $20 million
Runner Up 1 $24 million
Winners 1 $30 million


Above is not the confirmed prize money breakdown for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, above table shows the official prize money for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, FIFA has not yet announced the final breakdown of prize money but as soon as they do we will be posting it here.