5 Things You Should Never Hide from Your Partner before Getting Married

article-2014372018291109000Trust, honesty and truthfulness with your partner are the building blocks of a strong relationship. Though there are certain things you should never share with them (Know Them Here), there are some things that are absolutely vital to be revealed to your would-be life partner. These are the points, which if found out later can make your relationship crumble like a house of cards. Here are the five things that we suggest you should talk about with your partner before you tie the knot.

1. Your thoughts and belief

Make sure that you are very clear about your thoughts, beliefs, views and opinions right before you decide to take the step to marriage? these things should be talked about. Even your political beliefs, your principles, and your take on important aspects of life matter a lot. These are the things that can trigger conflicts, which might lead to much irritation and fights later on.

2. Your career plan

Although this is true mostly for women who are expected to give up their careers after marriage, it is also important for men to discuss their career beforehand. Men are often expected to spend a certain amount of time with their wives. But some professions require constant travelling or even frequent transfers. If these things are not cleared right at the onset, it might come as quite a shock to the wife! So, as girls should make their career plans very clear before getting married, guys too should discuss their goals and work schedules.

3. Finances

There is no point hiding your financial situation from someone you are planning to get married to because eventually they will find out about it. Therefore, it is always wise to talk about finances before marriage for effective future planning. It eliminates the chances of misunderstandings and complexities in a marriage.

4. Your habits

Remember that only getting past the first stage is not what you are looking at; marriage is a commitment for life. So, always promise only what you can deliver. Simple things like waking up early every morning might seem easy to promise, but actually doing it might be very difficult. Your spending habits, food habits, or even some bad habits like smoking and drinking, must be talked about right at the beginning to avoid any unpleasant surprises and conflicts later.

5. Your expectations

Simple things like expecting your partner to cook or help in housefhold chores, or important things like supporting your career plans or how many kids you would like to have- everything counts! If your partner comes to know about these later, they might be taken aback or find it difficult to adjust.
This is the first step towards building trust in your relationship. So, don’t feel awkward while discussing these, and enjoy a long and healthy married life.

Source: Bollywoodshaadis.com