10 Signs You Need to Spice Up Your s*x Life

s*x-life-14Routines can be great—especially at work or at the gym—but they have pretty much no place in your s*x life. The thing is, you often don’t even realize you’re slipping into a s*x rut until you’ve already fallen…and landed on your side of the bed wearing those sweatpants with the holes in them. Read up on the telltale signs your bedroom action could use a boost, and check out our tips for heating things up.

1. Your idea of wearing something sexy to bed is, um, taking off your pants.

Don’t worry, it’s totally possible to find crazy-sexy lingerie for every shape.

2. The last time you had s*x outside of the bedroom was when you stayed at a Hilton last summer.

While hotel s*x can obviously be hot, why not get creative at home by having s*x in the in the bathroom or the kitchen? (Bonus points if you also christen the stairs!)

3. Bringing food into the bedroom? Well, you’re pretty sure you have some almonds around here somewhere…

Time to break out the whipped cream, ladies.

4. When it comes to s*x positions, let’s just say you’ve switched up your hair color more often than you’ve changed up your moves.

5.You hit the snooze button the last time you tried to wake up for morning s*x. And your partner didn’t object.

Next time, try morning s*x tips that pretty much guarantee you’ll start your day with a smile (and hopefully an climax).

6. You think of s*x toys as bachelorette party gag gifts.

Get ready to see them in a whole new way

7. Most of your orgasms are faker than the Ellen DeGenerous breakup rumors.

8.Your foreplay typically lasts as long as it takes to find the condom.

Prolong the pregame

9. You almost had s*x last night, but it was so cold, and your flannel PJs were so warm.

Nope, not an excuse.

10. Quickies have become the norm—which is great for your schedule but not so much for your climax.

Slow things down to make extra romance.

Source: womenshealthmag.com