Youth Groups In Tamale Committed To Peace

Some youth groups noted for causing violence in Tamale have assured the general public of their commitment to upholding and promoting the peace that Tamale has enjoyed in recent times.

The assurance is contained in a statement issued on behalf of the youth groups by the Tamale Office of the Centre for Democratic Development – Ghana, and copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The statement, signed by leaders of the youth groups, included Gumbihini South NDC Youth, Aluta Boys, Masuala Boys, Aljazeera, Alkaida Network, NATO Forces, Gbewaa Youth, Radio Baghdad, 64 Bench, 69 Bench, Taramtula, Gbomo Palace, Kewa Boys, Gubdanda Youth, Youth in Action, Simli Bench, No Flying Zone amongst others.

The youth groups, according to the statement, noted with serious concern the recent unwarranted violent attacks in Tamale, which have resulted in the loss of lives and the destruction of properties.”

It quoted the youth groups appealing to all “Our colleagues to do away with the culture of impunity and abide by the rule of law, particularly resorting to laid down procedures and structures in addressing their grievances.”

It said “We further affirm our loyalty and commitment to the security agencies in their efforts towards restoring lasting peace in Tamale.”

It said “Whilst extending our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the deceased as well as owners of Radio Justice and Bayport Financial Services on their loss, we strongly condemn all the violent attacks and its threat to security and stability in the Metropolis.

The youth groups called on all aggrieved parties to exercise restraint and to resort to due process in resolving their grievances, as reprisal attacks would only aggravate the situation and endanger more lives and properties.

It said the attacks were criminal and must be treated as such by all stakeholders, traditional authorities, opinion leaders and political party leaders adding they (attacks) must not be linked to any partisan and or chieftaincy interests, as quite often, criminal acts had been given partisan and or chieftaincy twists to cover up for the perpetrators.

It called on the security agencies to be proactive and uphold their professional ethics and standards in their response to these situations as well as strengthen their early warning mechanisms so as to prevent any future recurrence of such violent attacks whilst working to restore peace to Tamale and its environs.

The statement also called on the media to be circumspect in their reportage and in holding any in-studio discussions whilst calling on all and sundry and well-meaning persons in Tamale not to resort to social media in twisting the facts or inflaming passions and aggravating the already precarious environment.